I had the good fortune to read in a proof copy Greg Quiery’s book. It is that unique combination of careful and popular scholarship.  He pulls all the strands of the complicated history of the Irish in Liverpool and district together in a few hundred pages of easy reading.  It has been a long time in gestation but well worth the wait.

Dr Kevin McNamara :  Former Labour MP and Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary.

This is a wide-ranging and detailed narrative history of the Irish in Liverpool which is based on considerable research.  It is very readable and accessible and includes many intriguing facts and anecdotes about the activities of Irish immigrants and the localities in which they settled.  From poverty to politics it covers most aspects of Irish Catholic experiences in Liverpool,  and many of the most significant characters,  being especially strong on the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries.

Mary Hickman : Emeritus Professor of Irish Studies and Sociology, London Metropolitan University