Radio interviews

I was very fortunate to have not one but two radio interviews this month, to publicise the book, In Hardship and Hope. The first was with the redoubtable Frank Carlyle, on Mersey Radio. I was on my toes, as Frank knows a great deal about Liverpool history. The interview went out on the 15th of Jan, so you may still be able to have a listen.

Also got a mention on the Jimmy McCracken show on Radio Merseyside, on Wed 10th Jan. I was interviewed by Paul Beesley, who is a local tour guide, so also knows his stuff. We had a good chat about the research behind the book, and what effect the Irish influence has had on Merseyside. We also discussed the sectarianism which was so prevalent in Liverpool in the past, and how remarkable it is that it has all but disappeared. I’ve made a note to go on one of Paul’s local history tours some day soon.

Meanwhile, I am delighted to say that sales are still steady. The latest outlets are Pritchards in Crosby, and the shop at the Museum of Liverpool, down by the windy Pier Head.